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Shopistry MSP + Dream Payments enables your merchants to launch seamless online stores quickly and grow their business, hassle-free.

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Shopistry gives your merchants what they need to drive online sales and grow omnichannel success.

Mobile-optimized stores

Fast web store that's mobile-friendly, and loved by Google - ready to go in just a few clicks.

Shop online, pick up in store

Customers can easily shop, checkout and choose to pick up in store, delivery or get their order shipped.

Fast checkout, more sales

All payments are powered and managed by the merchant's existing payment provider account.

Features to keep growing

Growth features and advanced features to power various stages of growth from $100 to $100M+.

Your payments + solutions that drive traffic and sales

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Mobile-first headless commerce used for a fitness and lifestyle clothing brand.

Shopistry Storefront

Built to perform

Shopistry Storefront provides the ability to create dynamic, fast stores optimized to deliver frictionless shopping and checkout on every device.

70% faster, 30%+ conversions on mobile
Manage products, orders, discounts and more
Optimized for SEO to drive traffic and grow sales

Payments everywhere

Online, in-store made seamless

Whether selling in-person or online, merchants enjoy a unified payment experience powered by your merchant services - one account, every customer touchpoint, zero hassles.

Square + Shopistry integrations for retail
Retail online storefront with Square + Shopistry

Marketing and Engagement

Features for every stage of growth

Stay with your merchants as they grow with discovery, engagement and conversion capabilities.

SEO optimized to drive Google traffic
Social Hub - An Instagram-style onsite community
Order, Customers, Products & more with full flexibility

Wordpress made headless

Wordpress is the mostly wide used CMS on the planet, we made it more powerful. Dynamically publish and manage your blog and design with our easy install.

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