Shopistry Launches industry-first “Hosted & Headless” Commerce Platform, Raises Venture Round

Shopistry, an e-commerce platform for fast growing digital-first brands, today announced the closing of recent financing and launch of the industry’s first turnkey solution to simplify the shift to headless commerce.

Shopistry democratizes custom-tailored commerce experiences, empowering brands with flexibility to launch DTC, Mobile, and B2B experiences without complex engineering

June 22, 2021 07:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Shopistry, an e-commerce platform for fast growing digital-first brands, today announced the closing of recent financing and launch of the industry’s first turnkey solution to simplify the shift to headless commerce.

With mobile now driving 73% of shopping behavior, new sales channels continually emerging, and brands focused on capturing the attention of consumers, customer experiences unrestricted by the limitations of traditional all-in-one platforms, are critical for brand growth. To date, this level of flexibility means brands need to invest in complex and expensive engineering and ongoing support to build and manage a best-of-breed headless architecture; a daunting new reality for brands used to the simplicity of all-in-one hosted platforms that handle the technology, enabling them to focus on growth.

Shopistry’s hosted headless commerce solution gives brands the benefits of headless, with the simplicity of hosted; enabling them to quickly and inexpensively launch engaging experiences optimized for scale with modern capabilities out of the box including multi-currency, multi-channel, internationalization, social selling and more. Shopistry’s flexible and modular API-based approach includes integrations with industry leading providers across product management, marketing, analytics, and payments, enabling brands to operate the best of breed commerce solution they need to achieve brand strategy and growth targets, without the need to re-platform or throw out the elements of their existing stack that are working for them.

Honed, an innovative personalized vitamin brand, chose Shopistry to quickly transform their digital customer experience, delivering an immediate increase in site speed and support for custom subscription models. “We needed an experience that really speaks to our brand and how we engage customers and drive purchasing behavior, something we couldn’t do with themes. We thought we'd have to spend months on engineering but with Shopistry we went from design to live in just three weeks, keeping Shopify on the backend. We're so excited about, it's critically fast, integrated with systems we need and provides the freedom to keep building on our roadmap without limits,” said Courtney Smith, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Honed.

Shopistry founder Jaafer Haidar added, “We’d been in the trenches before ‘headless’ became the buzzword of the day, working with innovative brands and understanding the needs that come with different stages of growth. We designed Shopistry so that every brand can gain these same advantages. Whether it’s an amazing experience on the web, mobile apps, B2B or whatever comes next, brands can keep focused on building brand love and growth opportunities without becoming a dev shop just to stay ahead of the game and scale.”

Shopistry launched their hosted headless commerce platform on the heels of closing over $2M in a financing round that included U.S. and Canadian strategic angels and venture capital firms at the forefront of the shift in digital commerce including Garage Capital, Raiven Capital and Mantella Venture Partners. “At MVP we love companies that can simplify complexity to bring the proven innovations of large, technically sophisticated retailers to the masses of small to mid-size retailers trying to compete with them. Shopistry has the team and tech to be a major player in this next phase of the e-commerce evolution. This was easy to get excited about,” said Duncan Hill at Mantella Venture Partners.

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About Shopistry

Shopistry is a modern hosted headless commerce platform, empowering brands to deliver custom-tailored commerce experiences designed for performance and growth without the need for re-platforming or complex engineering. Focused on digital-first brands, Shopistry’s modular approach helps brands quickly launch engaging experiences, pre-integrated with industry-leading providers across product management, payments, analytics, and more.

Shopistry provides brands the best of breed commerce stack they need to creatively achieve their brand strategy and growth goals, quickly, easily, and inexpensively.


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