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After years of being honed with today's fastest growing brands, we're excited to launch Shopistry Connected Commerce, helping the world's fastest growing brands gain the flexibility to deliver awesome mobile and omni-channel customer experiences at less cost, without limits or the need to re-platform. It's kind of a big deal.

There's no secret that our world has changed and we all are doing the best we can to roll with the punches, discover new opportunities and keep moving forward. That's true in the Covid-19 era but has also been true in the eCommerce universe for some time now. Retailers have been faced with constantly changing consumer habits and technology, doing their best to deliver awesome customer experiences. The problem is the tools are outdated and haven't changed much. It's time that changed.

At Shopistry we've been working with some of the fastest growing brands on the planet...and here's what we've learned:

1. Shopify made it easy....then what?

First came Magento open source and you didn't need to build from scratch. Then Shopify and other SaaS solutions made it easy for anyone to at least get a store up and start selling online....that was before the iPhone...then what? There has been a ton of innovation in terms of payments, analytics, and other merchant tools but, save for a few features, the platforms have largely remained the same. Themes and plugins are built for the web and handcuff you to that channel while "responsive" sites are basically the same thing on the phone. But we use our phone differently then our laptops and how we engage and purchase on our phone should be tailored to mobile.

2. You don't force a game to work the same on an Xbox as a phone

Mobile conversion still sucks for a reason, it's time that changed. Whether you're selling coffee, vitamins, couches, glasses or evening gowns I'll bet over 70% of your traffic happens on mobile but less that 20% of your sales. It's been that way for years because nothing has happened to change it. Why? See #1.

Mobile needs:

  • Mobile-specific UX making it easy to discover and purchase in a few taps
  • Mobile payments to skip the cart
  • Push Notifications to drive 10X more conversion vs. email campaigns
  • No popups....popups are still interrupting the user flow on a phone...are you kidding me?

Basically, eCommerce needs to change with the times and take advantage of what mobile means not force desktop experiences on to a phone.

3. Covid accelerated things 10X and you can't afford to ignore it

Contactless payments, order-ahead and other use cases were already taking shape but now they are MUST HAVE. Less people are going to stores and nobody wants to touch a payment terminal.

  • Quick mobile discovery matters
  • Mobile payments are critical
  • Order-ahead and pickup are key

4. Subscriptions, Member-only exclusives and personal experiences make an impact

We're insanely proud of our friends at Black Rifle Coffee for the awesome way they engage and value their members. It's more than just being a subscriber, it's a whole VIP experience you enjoy because the BRCC crew absolutely love their members; providing exclusive products, contests, and other goodies to show that appreciation. What it results in is even more fanatical brand loyalty and free ambassadors that power fast growth. Check out Black Rifle Mobile for iOS and Android.

  • Member-only exclusives positively impact sales
  • Content drives awesome discovery and engagement
  • Customer accounts and tiers provides valuable insight

5. WTF is Headless?

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked..."hey, I keep hearing about headless, WTF is that?". In short, we're entering a new technology era in commerce that is following a similar technology arc:

  1. Someone creates a nice framework to do something better
  2. A community or developers form around it
  3. Engineers start integrating with it
  4. Someone launches it as "a platform"....when it still requires a lot of custom development to integrate the different pieces
  5. Digging in reveals a lot of issues when you try and make a production-ready solution
  6. Someone goes through the fire, figures things out, and creates a real production-ready solution
  7. A company brings that solution to the market in a big way

This is similar to the last phase of eCommerce where Shopify ended up getting to #7 and it's been great. But the world has changed and a new architecture is needed to build upon what we have and move commerce forward.

So armed with these lessons and successes we're excited to finally take the wraps off and announce...

Shopistry Connected Commerce

Powering mobile and omnichannel experiences for the modern digital commerce, no re-platform required.

We think this is kind of a big deal. There are so many more customer use cases that need to be tackled these days and more will come in the future; the problem is retailers are handcuffed by existing SaaS platforms built with themes and plugins. It's not easy to react and deliver the experiences needed to succeed but also no one wants to have to throw it all out and start over. It took over two years to dig deep and uncover the issues and limitations of just integrating things together, and then humanizing the technology so that your brand doesn't need to become a dev shop or keep paying an agency to evolve. With Connected Commerce, you get the fruits of that labor.

Connected Commerce gives you everything you need to deliver awesome experiences now and in the future

  • Shopistry Storefront for Mobile-Web/Web: Blazing fast, mobile-first storefront that makes it possible to deliver the perfect experience in the browser on mobile vs. web
  • Shopistry Mobile for iOS and Android: For brands with a loyal audience that want to engage in ways, it's never been easier or more cost-effective to launch a amazing mobile app
  • Shopistry Cloud: High performance infrastructure and data management across providers built on Google Cloud Platform
  • Shopistry Integrations: Pre-integrated with all the best in class providers you already use with the flexibility to change and add more
  • Push Notifications: Send custom notifications for new products, sales, and more
  • Media Hub: Your own IG-style feed for How to Videos, UGC, or any other media to drive discovery and sales
  • Data Pipeline: Gain a deep understanding of customer behavior to inform marketing and sales goals
  • Re-platform not required: Use Shopistry with Shopify or other admin systems but gain full flexibility to deliver customer experiences tailor-made for each channel!
  • Custom Checkout
  • Friction-less multi-currency
  • Unlimited flexibility and control
  • ...I'm tired or writing this's some pretty great stuff :)

As your brand will keep hitting inflexion points as consumer habits and business use cases evolve, we're making it possible to make things happen without restrictions or having to invest $$$ in a custom solution.

Shopistry Connected Commerce

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