Shopify Goes to The Movies

We all love movies and we all love to shop. Until now that meant two disjointed customer experiences, so we changed the game. Discover how we took Shopify to the Movies!

It's long been a dream of studios and networks to do two things:

1. Engage their audience directly to grow loyalty and revenue

2. Enable shopping the content you love

The problem is, it's never been done well. Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Apple...the big guys rule the streaming world and invest in content. They're a valuable distribution channel and obviously we all now enjoy watching what we want, when we want, wherever we want (and sometime binge WAY too much!). These same providers haven't really figured out how to enable shopping merch; customers get disjointed, clunky experiences with multiple sites, and the operational team gets confusing operations and inconsistent data.

But just like brands have retail outlets and partners but can also go direct-to-consumer channel, why can't the studios that make the content we love? Studios are shut out of a valuable revenue and engagement channel...Until now, Shopistry has changed the game.

I can write about how we're enabling studios to launch their very own direct-to-consumer streaming and merch channel and all the audience engagement and revenue-generating opportunities this brings all day, but seeing is believing so head over to NEON Cinema and experience it for yourself!

DTC Streaming + Merch

For the People!

  • Stream the movies and shows you love
  • Shop the merch
  • Enjoy your library of rented films, pre-orders, and see what's coming up
  • Track all your orders

For Studios!

  • Grow revenue with your new direct streaming experience!
  • Cross-sell merch on Film pages
  • Offer a full product catalog to shop
  • Manage Digital Rights across content, geo, etc.
  • Manage all orders in Shopify

How the Magic Happens

We took Shopify to the Movies, bringing together streaming video and shopping into a seamless, amazing user experience! Behind the scenes the experience is powered by Shopistry integrated with Shopify Admin, Shopify Checkout and digital rights management provider CineSend. Shopistry Storefront and our data orchestration layer enables the flexibility needed to deliver business goals, user features, buying flows, and we effectively made Shopify do backflips and our own magic in the middle to ensure all systems operate seamlessly.

None of it matters if it's not beautiful and shout out to our amazing partners Elva Design Group!

Shopistry x Hollywood - Movies+Merch for the People!

At Shopistry we're focused on making it easier for the creators, artists, and teams people love to give their fans beautiful commerce + content experiences and finally realize direct revenue, engagement, and build long term loyalty without the middle man. Shopistry x Hollywood opens up this world to studios, networks, and indie film creators everywhere.

We're launching three solutions:

  • StreamShop: Launch a full-service direct streaming and merchandising experience. Fresh, new site experience.
  • MovieShop: Launch a single movie page to promote and merchandise upcoming or newly released films!
  • InstaStream: Already have a good looking studio site or movie promo? Quickly add the capability to rent and watch directly on-site instead of bouncing your audience elsewhere and earn revenue!

Get in touch and let's go! 🚀

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