Introducing Shopistry BX: Brand-first experiences, hassle free

Shopistry launches powerful creation capabilities to launch headless commerce experiences faster.

There's been a lot written about headless commerce, headless CMS, headless whatever...and we laid out the good the bad the ugly, so we won't get into it all again here. It's simply that as brands grow they start thinking in a more enterprise fashion; integrating the best solutions for the given need vs. having everything in one monolithic system. Even the king of the monoliths, Shopify recognizes this and why Harley Finkelstein took to describing Shopify as the retail operating system and why the company bills itself as API-first with an explosion in use by vendors.

These days every backend provider will give you an API, if not then run away. The market is also packed with headless content management systems that you can use to create your pages but before you can build your site or app, there's a lot of work to do. You're not in theme land anymore. You can't just pick a theme, change a few things, and boom you're live. That simplicity came with restrictions, meant lots of custom coding, and ultimately why you're now looking at gaining the flexibility and control you need to keep growing and drive business.

Here's the work behind the glory of headless experiences

Here's what needs to happen before you can start creating that awesome storefront of your dreams:

1) Globals: In your CMS you need to define your global parameters that are consistent across pages

2) Data Structures: You need to define the data for each section on your page. For example, a hero section might need the following data and for each of these you'll need some parameters to customize like alignment, size, font, links, etc.

- Image

- Header

- Paragraph

- Button

So, you build components in your CMS for every section on your pages and define the data within that component. That data is then passed through the CMS' API to your front end where you need a frontend component ready to receive the data and render what needs to be dispayed.

3) UX Components: Your web store, app, or other experience needs a frontend component that's ready to receive the data from the CMS and show what needs to be displayed. That data coming in for the hero? It needs a UX component waiting for it and ready to know what to do with it.

4) Style and Code: There's no way you'll be able to control everything in your CMS based on that awesome design your agency delivered. You still want the flexibility to add styles in your style sheet and maybe add some custom functionality in your code (especially if it's a mobile app).

Now, that's a lot of legwork just to be ready to build great brand experiences. So, continuing with our mission to democratize enterprise commerce so brands can invest in growth not worry abut tech we're excited to announce...

Shopistry BX: Create brand-first experiences faster, easier, and drive omni-channel growth hassle-free

Simpy put we did the work described above plus more. Shopistry BX includes the three focus areas needs to launch great headless experiences:

1) Component-based Content Management: Ready-to-use components for static content and dynamic content (products, images, videos, etc.). Just create your page, add sections, and manage all the data parameters you need. Pages, Blogs, Community, you got it!

2) Shopistry Experience Frameworks: Headless web store? iOS and Android App? Social commerce pages? Campaign micro-sites? Shopistry BX includes frameworks that cut down your design to delivery time and costs by 50% so you can launch faster, engage customers and grow sales.

One site supporting multiple countries? A real mobile app in 4 weeks? Your own IG-style community page that drives purchases in 1 day? Now it's possible.

3) Integrations and features included: The other big elephant in the room when it comes to 'headless' is the amount of integration work needed. Of course, we've handled that plus your CX-powered experiences include capabilities to support multi-country, multi-currency, and more out of the box!

Brand-first Commerce will not be stopped

We're excited to bring Shopistry BX to the community and keep making enterprise commerce accessible to the amazing brands we work with. It's undeniable that brands need to be empowered to create experiences that excite customers, build loyalty, and adapt for the future. Our focus is to keep removing barriers to your success.

Get in touch, l'd happy to share lessons learned, help navigate your path forward, and how Shopistry can shorten your path to awesome.

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