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What's Shopistry all about?
We created Shopistry to make it easy to give consumers and fans awesome commerce experiences without wasting time/money on tech. The brands, teams, artists, and creators we all love blend content + commerce + community; it's the trifecta that creates brand loyalty and love. And making it happen shouldn't take millions.

We spent years in the trenches helping brands grow to $100M+ by building custom solutions to deliver these awesome experiences and it's not easy. It's simply crazy that you need to spend $500K+, months of effort, and basically become a dev shop to make it happen.
Do I need developers to use Shopistry? Nope.
We take care of the tech, you focus on engaging customers/fans and making money.

Does Shopistry work with Shopify?
Shopify has awesome APIs to build and integrate your custom experiences (not boring themes) and keep using Shopify Admin and Shopify Checkout. The problem is you need to figure out how to build, integrate, manage content...and now host and manage it all! 😲

Shopistry takes the complexity away. We're a Shopify partner and have pre-integrated so you don't need to re-platform. Use Shopify Admin to run your business, Shopistry for awesome experiences, hosted and managed for scale.  

What does "full control" mean?
It means your vision comes to life and you have full control to operate and keep adapting. The customer experience matters more than anything and our content management system includes a library of pre-built components and more can be developed based on your needs - you're not limited by themes or plug-ins!
How much does it cost?
Our platform price starts at $1500/month and we price custom implementation work based on complexity of design to be implemented and any new integrations needed not already supported. We'll discuss your needs and arrive at a quote quickly.
What if I have fans and want to sell merch but not stream?
Artist on tour? Athlete or team? Give fans exclusive access to behind the scenes, bonus footage, and/or create a social experience on your site to drive more fan loyalty and engagement. Add merch to sell and more!
Can I still stream on Netflix, Hulu, and other places?
Of course! Shopistry for Media & Creators doesn't replace where you're already engaging fans, we're your own personal channel to engage fans directly.
How do content rights work and what if sold my rights?
You set all digital rights from what can be watched, where, for how long, etc. If you no longer have rights to your content (congrats, we hope you piled the cash from one of the studio giants) then offer added fan-only content, bonus content, or focus on selling merch and loyalty.
Can you help me get merch to sell?
Yes! We can handle everything from product selection, development all the way to sales and fulfilment right to your customer's front door.
Do I need to have both content and merch?
Nope. If you want to offer products but not content no problem. If you want to offer streaming direct to fans and not sell stuff, no problem!